How to Save Money on Valentine's Day Without Looking Cheap

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so you know what that means… expensive gifts and long lines at expensive restaurants. Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day can be a huge drain on the wallet, but it doesn’t have to be.

We know having Valentine’s Day on a Wednesday can limit some of your outing options, but here’s the cheat sheet on some creative, less expensive options that will still show your significant other you love them and help you avoid looking cheap.


Have an indoor picnic.


It’s cold outside, unless you’re fortunate enough to live in those nice warm areas. Lay down a blanket on the floor in your home and set up a nice romantic tasting on the floor that includes an array of fruit, cheeses, bread with an olive oil and vinegar mix on the side, and a nice bottle of affordable wine. 

MoCaFi Tip: Save money on the pre-cut fruit and cheese by slicing them up yourself instead.  


Create an at-home spa session.


Most people like to be pampered every once in a while. Set some ambiance with scented candles, give your significant other a nice long massage with fragrance body oils, and provide a manicure/pedicure treatment to top it off. You can also opt for clear polish if your partner is not into colored nail polish.  


Have a movie night at home.

Snuggle up with some hot chocolate and reminisce with a movie that you both really loved, or try something new and watch a movie you both haven’t seen yet.


Check out off-peak times.


The earlier you go, the cheaper the price. Typically, when you go see a movie or a play during matinee, it is a lot less expensive to see them. The same applies for going out to eat in a restaurant. You may want to go out for lunch instead of dinner with your significant other since the prices are usually lower at that time. You can also avoid the high price for alcohol by opting for water.

MoCaFi Tip: Skip the meal, and just go out for dessert. You’ll save a lot of money and still can have a romantic night out.  


Nerd It Out.


Appreciate the inner nerds in both of you and play an old fashioned board game, or try to learn a new game. Spice things up by having a reward for the winner, such as choosing the chore that the loser has to do for a week.

MoCaFi Tip: In some areas there may be a local store where you can sit and play as many games as you want, for as long as you want, for free or for a low-price. For example, The Uncommons located in New York City charges a cover fee of just $5 during the weekdays. Check to see if there is a similar spot near you!


Poetry Reading

There may be some free poetry readings or open mic nights going on at your local bookstore or restaurant. Check it out, if you’re looking for a lowkey night with beautiful sounds and rhythms, then this you spot.




Pick up a book that you both would be interested in and use this time to have a quiet night at home. This is a good opportunity to go on an adventure with your significant other, without leaving your home.


Create your own paint and sip night


Find a inexpensive art and crafts store to find a canvas, some paint and brushes and you can can choose an image to draw. You pick up some low-priced alcohol or just warm up with some hot chocolate.

MoCaFi Tip: After your date, don’t throw away the materials! You can reuse the paint and brushes for your next paint and sip night.


The beauty of this cheat sheet is that you can even use it when it’s not Valentine’s Day! When in doubt, websites like Groupon and LivingSocial are great tools to find coupons for activities and local restaurants. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!