Practicing Mental Health on a Budget


As you may have heard, May is mental health awareness month. We at MoCaFi not only prioritize healthy financial lives, but we also value a healthy mind and body.

Hard working people, such as yourself, don’t always have access to mental health care providers, therapists, and other resources.

However, it’s important to practice self-care during moments of stress or even just to vent.


Why should I have to seek help from a medical professional?

People of color as well as people from low-income communities tend to treat mental illness and seeking professional mental health services as taboo and discourage  Some people view therapy as only necessary when someone has a mental illness, however, anyone can experience depressive or anxiety episodes. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, about 16 million people have had at least on depressive episode in the past year. Therapy can also be used to help you think through your understanding of identity or new experiences and relationships in your life. It’s helpful to be able to talk through it with a professional that can help guide you through dealing with your situation with constructive conversations. Although seeking comfort through religion or a close friend can be appealing, a therapist is trained in these encounters.

There’s also another layer of comfort with therapy since it is a confidential process. If you wanted to build on your relationship with family and friends there are forms of therapy, such as family therapy, to include them in your healing process.

MoCaFi Tip: Ask your insurance company if they cover the costs of therapists, this way you’re not paying for it out of pocket. Also, if the available times for therapy don’t match up with your time off, check with your job to identify whether they will accommodate your schedule to coincide with the availability of your therapist.


What are some alternatives I can do?

Not comfortable with seeking professional help or can’t afford it? Here are a couple of tips to help you practice mindfulness whether you’re on a budget or just looking for techniques in between therapy sessions.

(Please be aware that these tips do not replace therapy and we encourage you to seek professional help when you need it)

  • Exercise

Exercise has been shown to increase endorphins which give you energy and positive feelings. It also increases neural growth and provides a distraction from your situation. It’s a great alternative and healthy treatment for depression, anxiety, stress and ADHD.

For more information on how to exercise on a budget, check out our previous blog post.


  • Prioritize your responsibilities.

Between your personal life and your professional life, stress can come from trying to juggle multiple tasks at once. Try to decrease the number of tasks you focus on to avoid feeling overwhelmed. You’re human, it’s perfectly understandable that you can’t do it all even though you want to be able to.

MoCaFi Tip: Stay organized with a visual calendar to help you plan out your daily tasks. Color-code it to make it more decorative and fun to hang on your wall.


  • Try Meditation.

Meditation allows us to step out of or daily stressors and concentrate on turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts. With a calm frame of mind we are able to tackle our tasks. You can take as much time as you need to meditate.  


Dealing with your mental health, doesn’t have to be taboo or over-budget. Your health is important, so why not take care of your mind and body?

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