Your credit score should represent each aspect of your financial life

Experian, TransUnion, nor Equifax account for real life financial situations …

like an unexpected layoff, a medical emergency, or a family loan.

Yet they weigh so heavily on our ability to acquire the basic needs to function like food, shelter, job, even a decent smartphone.

For such an important measure of character, you’d think the rating agencies and corporate banks would want to tailor your score to your personal circumstances and not just a generic algorithm that takes months, sometimes years, to change.

The MoCaFi Mobility Score™ is your unique, hyper-personal credit score.

The Mobility Score is based on your budget, spending and social activity on the MoCaFi platform. The Mobility Score determines eligibility for MoCaFi loan products, rewards and partner financial services.

  • Track your budget & spending behavior over time, through good times & bad
  • Set up monthly card payments to your favorite charity or faith-based organization
  • Grow the MoCaFi community through social sharing and engagement

Our vision is take 1M unbanked & underbanked families out of the cash economy and into position to create and retain wealth.

Steven Royster