Wole Coaxum, Founder & CEO presenting at the Newark Venture Partners Spring 2018 Demo Day.

Wole Coaxum, Founder & CEO presenting at the Newark Venture Partners Spring 2018 Demo Day.

We all Want The Chance To Invest In Our Own Future

Yet the day-to-day grind can be a dream killer.

150 million Americans don’t have $500 saved for an emergency, 20 million are working a part-time gig to make ends meet, and 88 million don’t use an insured bank account.

More often than not, bank accounts are the root of financial stress.  

Expensive fees, minimum deposits, and lack of lending can keep us in a cycle of catch up, instead of steady progression towards prosperity.

Your money should be working for you, not against you.

What if you could improve your financial position by simply changing the way you manage  your money? No extra cash, no paid financial advisor. Just a simple account that empowers your financial freedom.

Turn your bank account into a credit builder

MoCaFi rewards sound financial behavior with access to credit-building financial services and premium features for direct depositors including:

  • Electronic rental payment with automatic reporting to the 3 major credit bureaus
  • Fee waiver on all debit or credit transactions
  • Fee waiver on sub-cards for managing important financial expenses
  • MoCaFi Mobility Scoring for loans and services offered through the MoCaFi platform

Knowledge of wealth is the key

Wealth is defined as the state of prosperity.  Knowledge of Wealth™ content series is designed to help our community get smart about building wealth.  Get started with our Knowledge of Wealth Guide.

Build your personal wealth infrastructure with MoCaFi

  • FDIC-insured bank account
  • Personalized credit building
  • Comprehensive resource for wealth building

Let's change the narrative

Join the MoCaFi movement to create 1 million new bank accounts in financially underserved communities.