“Everyone needs the opportunity to fully participate in the economy”

— Wole Coaxum

In 2014, as Ferguson erupted in protests following the police shooting death of an unarmed Black teenager, Wole Coaxum sat in his Wall Street office and considered ways to address social inequities by closing the racial wealth gap.Today, MoCaFi is innovating banking to serve the 50 million population of unbanked & underbanked Americans.

Our Vision

For all communities to achieve prosperity regardless of ethnic, financial, or social status.

OUR Mission

To help excluded communities create wealth through better access to public, private, and social capital.


Wole Coaxum

Founder and CEO

Megan Lyons

Chief Operating Officer

Varun Gupta

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Royster

Head of Marketing

Joe Halprin

General Counsel

Stevie Coleman

Head of HR

Janitra Taylor

Head of Product

Nisha Baliga

Head of Strategy


Current Openings

MoCaFi is a financial services platform for the 110 million Americans dealing with economic hardship and no path to a better circumstance. Our platform consists of a prepaid Mastercard, FDIC-insured bank account, money management app, credit-building bill payment and personal wealth coaching. We’re helping communities spend smart, build credit, and live wealthy.